Mc Millan bricks was started in 1946 by Clive Mc Millan. During the Second World War, Clive was held as a POW in an Italian camp. He managed to escape and was assisted by an Italian family that made bricks. There he learnt how to make bricks and after the war returned to South Africa to start McMillan Bricks.

Mc Millan Bricks was devasted by the death of its owner, Rory Mc Millan, in 2013.
After the passing of Rory Mc Millan , Mc Millan Bricks is now a third generation family business that has always strived to make the best quality brick over quantity. With a great history in helping Paarl and surrounding towns develop to what they are today, Mc Millan bricks will endeavor to continue providing the best srvice and quality of bricks it has since its inception.

Mc Millan Bricks produces approximately 1 million bricks a month and provides reasonably priced, eco-friendly, quality products to all sectors of the building industry.

The factory has 70 employees and also caters for the families of some of them by providing accommodation for them. Our labour turnover is very low which means we have not only loyal staff but, due to the continued training that takes place, we enjoy a company comprised of highly qualified artisans, skilled truck drivers and competent machine operators that help us provide high level of service and delivery.

Mc Millan Bricks promise their stakeholders the following:

To care for its environment

To supply you with value for money

To supply you with quality products at the best prices

To supply you with the widest range of products to suite your needs

To supply you with the best advice not only on our bricks but also on how to save on building when using our bricks

Mc Millan Bricks looks to the future with fierce intent of staying ahead of its competition and to keep growing, one brick at a time.